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Bulk SMS and Email Marketing Service

No one can rule out an importance of better technology when it comes to img1promote business of any sort. Advance technology has become no less than a boon for businesses as innumerous people are addressed within no time due to the changing pattern of technique. Now days, conventional ways of business promotion are losing its relevance and concerned people are showing their interest towards Bulk SMS. It is just because of an ease as well as impressive outcomes, strategy of addressing concerned matter through text messages is in rage. Since, everyone carries a mobile phone today; it is not surprising that such business promotion via electronic gismo has become the most sought after way of projection. High clientage of our company certainly proves our capabilities towards providing this beneficial service.

Benefits of Bulk Sms with Godigital Web:

  • Validity Unlimited
  • Sender ID (6 Character) Like : AM-601232
  • DND Filtered 100%
  • Delivery Ratio 100%
  • DND Number Report
  • Excel Upload (Quick).
  • Delivery Time 0 to 4 Hr
  • Network Guarantee 99.9%
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